First and foremost, your therapy will be respectful and honor your life’s journey. It will be holistic in that your thoughts, emotions, and body will be given equal attention. It’s both counseling and coaching so that you will have greater success weaving the strategies and revelations that you arrive upon in therapy into your daily life. You will develop a practice (both noun and verb) of your choosing that will transform your life day by day. Your work with me will keep you on this path while working through all that is revealed to you along the way. It is work, but such worthwhile work.

You may have heard of certain therapy methods or philosophies. Although each person’s therapy will be their own, the process of working through old, broken patterns and emotional pain will likely involve some of the following in our work together:

  • Disempower trauma with the use of EMDR, Lifespan Integration, and somatic techniques.  
  • Use Exposure and Response Prevention to establish a base of safety learning to challenge the web of danger learning that drives Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Phobia, and Panic Attacks.
  • Move away from old, life-draining cognitions and states of being through attunement to your nervous system- know when you're out of your groove and know how to get back into it (CBT, Neurophysiology, Ego State therapy, Internal Family Systems, etc.)
  • Re-acquaint yourself with the vessel and ally of your body.
  • Re-acquaint yourself with your will.  
  • Come to know and feel your gifts.  
  • Process emotional injuries and unmet needs in your family of origin that continue to drive your decisions, attraction to certain kinds of relationships, and your beliefs about yourself and the world.
  • Use of the Enneagram to explore the gifts and challenges of your own and others' personalities.
  • Mindfulness practices made simple.
  • View your problems as separate from yourself. The problem is the problem, not you.
  • Through visualization, art, or any symbolic representation, explore another transformative pathway, our powerful and primal connection to images.

“Julie gives you a path through the muddle. I thought I’d have to live with OCD forever and now I have a strategy, and encouragement, and it’s working little by little. Also, she’s not afraid to point out difficult things to me, but it’s coming from a place of empathy, so I’m able to look at reality without backing away.”

“Julie identified the major issue I was dealing with on the first visit. She is very well-versed on narcissism and abuse. Her expertise and understanding and listening skills are excellent. She is soft-spoken yet clear, and the thoughts, suggestions, and insight she shared were very helpful and much appreciated. I am so glad that I found Julie.”

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